CEO/Founder Central Base Production
B.A Digital Film-making & Multimedia
(Gibbs College, New York)


Christina Kyi was born in Myanmar but moved to the USA at an early age with her family. She studied filmmaking at the Gibbs School in New York City absorbing the culture of film in a city famous worldwide for its stars and movie culture. The skills she learned could have earned her a career in the US, but she felt drawn back to the country of her birth to tell the stories of her homeland.

“Mudras Calling” is her first feature film and premiered in Myanmar cinemas March 2018.Mudras Calling has also screened at thirteen international film festivals in thirteen different countries. Her second feature film entitled “Deception”, was also shot in Myanmar and premiered in Myanmar cinemas January 2018. She is now preparing for her third film, “Now and Ever”.

She is married to Zenn Kyi, who happens to be the lead actor in both her films, and currently resides in Myanmar. They're raising a family together and have a son named Noah.